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Examine Your Air Conditioner For Your Summer Reassurance

Many of us already know that when you have a regular routine check, you are going to be spending a lot less than having to empty your bank account for major repairs needed. This situation also plays the same role when it is regarding your home or office air conditioner or electric pump. In the event that you are not having your air conditioner serviced regularly, then you are going to find yourself in situation that could have been avoided ahead of time.

As you continue to read this article, you are going to see several different terms that are relating to your air conditioner and/or heating pumps. No matter how we word it in our article, we are still talking about the standard air conditioner in your home or office.

The air conditioner in your home as well as your office can be a very durable equipment item. Because it is design to uphold al kinds of abuse but still maintain it’s normal functions. This can be greatly recognized, nevertheless it may bring about satisfaction about the maintenance and repair. Similar to the idea of the car, air conditioners are going to need more frequent tune-ups in order to keep the unit running properly.

Without ever having routine examinations, surprisingly your unit can lose up to 10 percent of the original productiveness as every year of operation goes by. In other words, a 15 Seer unit, which you have purchased only a couple of years ago, is most likely functioning similar to a 10 Seer unit as of today. Although on the other hand, you are able to get back the majority of the efficiency that was previously lost, by having your unit regularly maintained. Research has shown that by having routine maintenance check ups, the air conditioning unit can continue to perform up to 97 percent of the original productiveness. So you are going to be saving your wallet a lot of hassle in the long run when it comes to issues when you have it checked regularly. And besides, do you go to the doctor regularly or only when you have a problem? No matter what scenario you play in your head, you will see that everything needs to have a regular check up.

You will see that several air conditioning and heating companies are going to have specials around this time of year, usually spring and fall seasons when the climate conditions are not so extreme. A few companies, like us, will even offer yearly service packages to help guarantee that you can rely on Bradenton Air Conditioning to remind you that your unit needs to examined again. This can be very beneficial if you are not the type of person who remembers things or forgets to write things down. A simple phone call will go a long way.

When you are having your yearly service inspection, things that our technician is going to do are: cleaning out the condensing component coils, examining the amplifier draw from your compressor, re-oiling all of the electric fan generators, examining the quality of all of the belts to maintain proper functioning, and checking the operating temperature and pressures that is advised in the manufacturers specifications. Among the many important parts to examine, inspecting the coolant levels, also known as Freon, inside of the conditioning unit. When replacing your Freon when it is low, it is going to cost you almost double the amount to bring your levels back up to a proper functioning system. The most important thing to remember is check the fluid levels.

Whenever your levels are getting low, it is important to refill them as soon as you notice it. Although you used to be able to buy Freon and put it in yourself, the laws have now been revised so that only a licensed contractor can supply the Freon. Freon is identified as a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) which is able to cause harm to the protective ozone layer if is released in the atmosphere improperly. The laws that are now regulating CFC’s now, are not allowing your air conditioner technician to fill your fluid Freon levels with a system that is leaking. Our technician must begin by examining the unit to address and repair the leak. Once the leaking has been fixed, our technician will then begin to add the Freon to the appropriate fluid level.

Besides having your yearly maintenance checks, there are a couple of things that you are able to do to help guarantee the highest levels of reassurance and adequate system operation. What you will need to do is purchase good quality filters. You must change them when directed, otherwise you are defeating the purpose of preventing buildup. The next thing we would offer to you would be to keep overgrowth, plants and trees as well as all other objects at a distance from the unit that is outside you home or office.

So reviewing all the information that is in this article, it is important that every piece of equipment, even what you may think is the most dependable, requires a routine maintenance inspection. Challenging equipment, like the units that are used today, it is very important to make sure that you have your unit regularly examined. It takes a professional to know if it is leaking or not working properly and to be able to fix it. Knowing everything is ok seems to be the best piece of mind anyone can ask for. Just ask us.