Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Enhance the cooling and heating systems performance With Air Duct Cleaning.

The cleaner the system, The increase of the air circulation throughout the home or office. A clean system is going to increase lifespan for the existing system. Cleaning eliminates up to 20 pounds of dirt buildup within your ductwork.

The Environmental Safety Organization states that the inside quality of air can be up to 100 times worse than the outside quality of air.

    1. Is congestion, lung issues or allergies an issue within the residence?
    2. Is your rooms not getting enough air circulation?
    3. Has your HVAC system been checked for contaminated or toxins in the water?
    4. Is smoking cigars, tobacco pipes and cigarettes a problem in the home?
    5. Has your home been build in the current year or is relatively newer?
    6. Have you been routinely cleaning the unnecessary particles that accumulateonto the pieces of furniture in your home?

Should you respond with Yes to the questions previously mentioned, you are most likely tossing your paychecks in the garbage.

    1. While you’re at home, are you noticing symptoms of stomach aches, itchy nose, watery eyes, or even lightheadedness?
    2. Have you noticied anyone coughing, headaches, or even runny noses?
    3. Is your home filled with mildew spots and mold spores?
    4. Are you using an air conditioning system which uses regular disposal fiberglass filtration systems?
    5. Have you ever looked at your pets as the issue?

Should you respond with Yes to the questions previously mentioned, you are most likely suffering from inside polutions from the air.

Have you been residing in a residence that was not properly cleaned by a professional company?

In that case, read the testimonials by Christopher Davis who specializes in the profession of Ear, Nose, and Throat medical field:

“Air vessel cleaning for respiratory allergies has been known as a very important methods which has become necessary residing in a surrounding which can be sterilized as well as free of all airborne allergies.”

“Cleaning the air vessel is going to increase the lifespan of the HVAC system in your home.”

The Cleaning Of Air Ducts

The Operations Manager looks at the cleaning procedure along side of the business owner. The business owner is then prompted to follow behind The Operations Manager to ensure the cleaning procedure is performed correctly.

A considerable sized, adaptive truck mounted vacuum attachment hose line is then delivered to the furnace area. It is then connected with the ductwork either through removing the current one or by creating a clean opening inside the ductwork. Now that the cleaning part has been finished, the supervisor will then reseal the opening that could then provide easy access for future cleanings.

After that, all of the vents throughout the facility are then enclosed or covered. This is when the process of the vacuum starts to begin. At the same time as the vacuuming is occurring, that is when we go to every room in the facility, individually, and use a particular pressurized air gun. Carefully, we sanitize each vent, to ensure that the debris is not only being drawn from one end because of the giant vacuum. The debris is also being dislodged from within the vent from each room.

Pressurized air machines are then put inside every vent. That is when the pressurized air will dislodge the debris and dust particles toward the opening of the vacuum hose.

For houses made by slab, we begin to work at each and every single register with pressurized air and a vacuum air hose line.

Every single opening is then sealed with coverings called face plates. These plates will make it possible to clean in the future as well as provide easy access for an inspections that may be needed. Now you have a sterilized air duct system!

Services For Cleaning

OXINE®(AD) is known as a safe component that is capable of disinfecting and deodorizing the air that is within the ducts. It will remove and prevent mildew spots, mold spores, harmful bacteria, allergens, and pollens that have been affiliated with known allergic reactions of various types.. This safe component has also been utilized for healthcare facility rooms, water that is being consumed by humans as well as many other uses where safe and beneficial disinfecting becomes very necessary.

Furnace as well as Flue Pipes

Bradenton Air Conditioning will clean the whole house duct work system. All systems include: Supply ducts, flue pipes, air blowers, draft diverters, return plenum as well as supply plenum, heat exchangers, return air ducts.

The vacuum hose line we use is designed to eliminate any movable debris and dust particles that have been collected around and inside the flue pipe.

Additional Services That We Provide

Now when it comes to cleaning the hot water heater unit, the Operations Manager will cleanse the heat exhaust pipes as well as the vacuums the flue pipe. This helps with cleaning all the dust and debris that have accumulated throughout the unit.

However, sometimes it is needed to pull out the blowers and fans so they can be fully cleaned inside and out to keep up with the constant airflow that is needed to heat and cool your home or office.

By cleaning the dryer vent, you are minimizing the chances of fire, smoke or overheating the unit. This can be done by vacuuming the inside of the unit or by scraping out the dust and debris that is inside and outside of the unit.

By Sarah Perry