Types of air conditioning units

Types Of Air Conditioning Units

Types Of Air Conditioning Units

There are a few options that you have when selecting an air conditioner. Knowing your options can also help benefit the type of unit you are looking for in your home or business. Here are explanations of the different types.

Central Air Conditioners:

Central air conditioners utilize a system of return as well as provide ducts to circulate the cold air or warm air according to the type of season you are currently in. Many manufactures have made a design which is made up of a unit that is located outside. This is known as the compressor. On the inside of your home or business would be the air vents that are located in the walls, floors as well as the ceiling. The warm or cool air that is needed then circulates back again to the central air conditioner which then is reheated or cooled down again.

Your AC unit can also assist your home or office by acting as a dehumidifier for your air. As an alternative to using several different units to change the conditions, comfort level as well as the humidity level, a central air conditioner will most certainly be able to complete the job. As dependable as things are, a central air unit system is going to cost you a substantial sum of cash. It is well worth the purchase, however, a lot of consumers are now looking into ductless mini split air conditioners to put into the house or office.

Types of Air Conditioners:

We have known a few different types of air AC units. There is Central Air Conditioning as well as a Split Unit. The Split Unit system incorporates a compressor unit outside and a condenser inside of a metal cabinet along with an evaporator located inside. Having this split type of system has been known as a better and more reasonable air conditioner to have in your home or office.

Then there are Packaged Central Air Conditioners. These types are made up of having the compressor, condenser and evaporator all confined to one single cabinet, which can be placed on top the roof or even located on a firm area next to the house or business. However the air supply and return ducts are inside and come from the home’s external wall or roof and then connect to the packaged air conditioner.

What Option Should You Choose?

If your considering a Central Air Conditioning unit, this type can be a very expensive heating and cooling option there is. It is not just the unit that is expensive, it is the installation process that can cost you a lot of cash. This is a good time to shop around when it comes to purchasing a new unit. Depending on where you are located at, you can spend up to $14,000 easily and that would be for a residential installation. However, putting the finances aside, if you do consider buying the central unit, it is wise to spend the extra money and invest on getting an Energy Star Approved system. Knowing that your electricity statement’s almost half of the cooling and heating in your home, make sure this is the correct option for you.


  • Is highly effective
  • Satisfies expectations
  • Adequate heating and cooling
  • Increase in property value


  • Can be quite expensive
  • It is a large unit, therefore you can not move it once it is installed.
  • You must maintain regular inspections Only a profesional company can repair it if something happens

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By Sarah Perry